Saturday, July 18, 2009

Membership Special

Hey everyone...just a quick note to let you know that we are having a membership special on EA. For a short time you can upgrade your account to Ministry Partner Premium for only $26.99/year. That is a savings of over 60% off the monthly rate.

Go here to subscribe:

The EA difference. With the new wave of social networks on the web, what sets Everyone's Apostolic apart and why should EA be the choice among Apostolics? Here are just a few reasons we think one should consider:

  1. We are uniquely Apostolic.

  2. The management team has years of experience managing Apostolic social networks and understands the specific responsibility needed to have a balanced networking environment.

  3. We moderate content, discussions, and members. This is a huge responsibility. While some may consider our moderation unnecessary, we understand the importance of maintaining a balanced social environment. While our guidelines are conservative, we understand the unique contribution each member has to the scope of EA. To this end we moderate the site with the understanding that we allow unique contributions while maintaining balance. This balance is centered on Christ and the foundational truths of the Apostolic doctrine. More about our guidelines here:

  4. We charge a subscription fee to have access to the site. To some this may seem nuts to consider this a benefit. To them I give the following points to consider:
    1. Belonging to a fee based site reduces your exposure to spammers and scammers.These are folks that join social networks with one focus...take advantage of others and exploit their kind nature.This is a popular tread among faith based sites.So use caution.
    2. There is accountability on the part of the EA management and the EA members. There is an expectation of service and professionalism.
    3. You have a vested interest in the success of the site.
    4. Advertising free. While we do have advertising sponsors, these are not the same as general advertising like ads for Google. With the traffic potential of EA, we could have compromised and made untold thousands by placing uncontrolled Google ads on the site. We place value of principle over money so we discontinued our Google campaign when we found we had little, if any control over the ads that ran. This is what the Apostolic community desires.
    5. You are indirectly contributing to the causes embraced by EA. We currently are supporting the following:
      1. EA scholarship fund.To help Apostolic School of Theology students with tuition.
      2. Contributors to the United States Postal Service efforts to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Organization.
      3. Contributors to Home Missions.

These are just a few of the many reasons Everyone’s Apostolic is the choice among Apostolics all over the world. We appreciate each of you and your contributions to Everyone’s Apostolic. As always, please continue to pray that we make wise decisions and the Lord keep His hand upon the EA ministry.

Lord Bless,

John Howell
Everyone’s Apostolic

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Kind Of People Are We?

I have been hesitant to write this as I didn't want to be taken the wrong way or hurt anyone at all, but it is time.

Everyone's Apostolic is without question intended to be a site dedicated for Apostolics...meaning, there is a certain expectation that the site remain a Godly place of is never intended to be the "perfect" place, but it is a place of love...

We have guidelines in place to protect the integrity of the site not to condemn anyone. We have no specific requirements to be a member of the site except that one follow our guidelines. This is a place of fellowship not an exclusive club...we are a people of God that at our very core express love one toward another...if we have not charity then everything else has no point. What has pushed me to write this today? The following letter:

"Bro. Howell--I am a pastor's wife in NC and first off I love this website. I recently became unemployed, after 10 years, because my father was diagnosed with cancer. I had to leave my job to help to take care of him and my mother. So this site has become a lifeline to me. I have been encouraged by others and I in turn have been blessed to be able to reciprocate and give back encouragement. Today I was very disheartened with this site!!!!! I had a connection with a young girl in a neighboring town--on this site---she openly revealed that she was no longer in church-yes a backslider. We had been communicating for several months. She messaged me today and stated that she was getting off the site due to the fact that she had continually got messages stating that she needed to get off this site because it was for APOSTOLICS--not backsliders. I was appalled! What better place for a backslider to receive encouragement than on a site full of HOLY GHOST filled people..........When I logged on this evening--sure enough, she's gone. I am mortified--she has two young children--three souls may just be lost. I am not putting blame anywhere, but I think we apostolics need to rethink who we are and why we are here. Yes this is a great place to meet people, reconnect with people and build relationships--show off pictures, learn hairstyles, how to lose weight, etc---but this could also be a great place for restoration! I know that there are a lot of hurting people in the world AND in the church. There have been people soooooo wounded in church, their confidence in people shattered. I know, because I have 6 siblings that are backslidden. I would love if they would get on a site like this and connect with someone that could possibly minister to them. I apologize for taking up so much space, but I had to get this off my heart. In 2009, my goal is to be REAL--a person that is willing to show grace and mercy to someone, just like I have been shown grace and mercy. Thank you for your time. God Bless."

May God have mercy on the individual that hurt this child of God.

How I see things...we work hard to protect the integrity of the site, yet do not strive to condemn anyone for what they believe, their level or walk in God, or their doctrinal belief. We have guidelines that are intended to establish a culture of love. We have established an environment, that’s all. As a member, you have the opportunity to be a witness…and believe this, everyone is a witness, whether a good one or a…well not so good one. Does this mean…anything goes? Of course not…we are Apostolics, but we are not an exclusive club as mentioned earlier. We are a people of God. We aren’t to let the world be our influence, but be an influence on the world. We stand by our principals and sell them, in love, to others. We don’t pry their mouth open and shove it in…we feed them with loving care and chew the meat up for them if they can’t do it themselves. Compassion defines us.

Now…We love everyone, but understand if some do not agree with our position or philosophy of managing the site. Everyone’s Apostolic isn’t for everyone…and we are okay with that.

Clarification…EA is a private invitation only website that grows because other members invite friends and loved ones. EA does not advertise to grow membership and it is not our purpose to be the largest Christian social network on the web at any cost. We aren’t going to lose our identity as Apostolics, so everyone must follow our guidelines regardless of an individual’s background. To be more specific regarding membership…EA is intended for Apostolics; however, if someone has a friend or loved one that they wish to invite that is not Apostolic but feel that EA could be a blessing to them, great, invite them and we will welcome them with loving kindness. Now, with this said, if any member, regardless of their faith, begins to teach a doctrine that is contrary to the Apostles doctrine, or they condemn us for our beliefs, they will be swiftly removed from the site. We do have a policy of zero tolerance for false doctrine and antagonist and make no apologies.

In closing, I want to express my appreciation to all that help us with our efforts. I give honor to the ministry involved with EA and their unwavering support, prayers, and wisdom. I express gratitude for the thousands of saints that make EA what it is…a place that touches and blesses lives. Most of all, I thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for His guidance and blessings on the EA community. Together, may we impact our world in a dimension that has never before been witnessed. We are on the home stretch…let’s make it count.

Lord Bless,

John Howell
Everyone’s Apostolic

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

EA Design Contest

Okay, so my effort to create a design for our first Everyone’s Apostolic shirt has been a complete failure. I won’t make that mistake again. The shirt has been taken out of the store and we are back to square one. What to do? Though I may not be a fashion designer…hahaha, I do have a decent thinker, so here’s my proposal if you are up to it. You design the shirt. No…not just the other members that are getting this email, you. You design the shirt, if you’re up for the challenge, and we will have everyone on the site vote for the one that goes into production. Fun don’t you think?

Okay, so here’s how we proceed:

1. You can go to and design the shirt there. Once you have a design you are comfortable with, just click the save/email link on the site and send me your design. My email address is We will use your email to post the images to the polling survey. Once you have sent me the design, please visit here and post your design images for public record. You must post the images to the design contest discussion provided at the link above to be considered for the contest.

2. We need to know the sales price. Some folks commented that the shirt was a little pricey. Okay…so you are in charge of this too. Now EA will have to mark the shirts up a little, so plan on adding $5 to the cost of the shirt. The more colors, the more they are going to charge for the shirts, so play around with your options. Also, since we don’t know how many members actually want a shirt, estimate 10 shirts for each size when calculating the price.

3. Logo…EA doesn’t have a logo just yet, so if you have some ideas, this would be a great opportunity to explore them.

4. Just have fun. I have seen a great many of the member pages and I can testify that we have some very talented and creative folks, so I look forward to seeing your design projects.

Okay, so what if you win the design contest? If you win the design contest, EA will contribute $1 for each shirt sold toward your church technology fund.

What is a technology fund? Whatever the Pastor wants it to be. Funds dedicated so church members could have access to online educational courses is one idea.

Your ball, your court…game on :)

Lord Bless,

John Howell
Everyone’s Apostolic

P.S. Don’t forget to support our sponsors. You can see them here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sponsored Emails

Soon we will be offering sponsored email campaigns. As an advertiser you can can participate by sponsoring a newsletter. This newsletter will go to all participating members of Everyone's Apostolic. We plan to start with quarterly newsletters beginning in early 2009. This will be a fun and informative email that touches on a wide range of topics. More to follow.

If you are interested in sponsoring an email, subscribe to this blog and we will keep you updated. To subscribe, just click the subscribe link on the right side of the page.

Lord Bless,

John Howell
Everyone's Apostolic

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Future Looks Bright

What an exciting time. Everyone's Apostolic, the social network for Apostolics, has taken flight. From a little known website with only 400 members in June 2008 to nearly 33,000 in November 2008, EA has experienced tremendous growth. The members, along with blessings of the Lord, are credited for this huge success. We also want to express our appreciation to Ning for providing the cutting edge platform that supports the rapid and continued growth EA is experiencing. The Ning platform allows Everyone's Apostolic to focus on the ministry and administration of the site while providing an ever evolving and scalable social network that is feature packed and easy to use.

So now what? What's in the future for Everyone's Apostolic? What is our long term plan? Well to answer, we must first go back to where and why we started. Everyone's Apostolic was created to provide a safe and clean site for Apostolics to fellowship. The Internet is full of untapped potential; however, venturing unaware and unprotected through the expansiveness of the web can leave one feeling dirty and violated should something ungodly be stumbled upon. Thus the EA ministry was born.

The future of Everyone's Apostolic looks bright. As our membership continues to grow we have more and more resources available to accomplish the biggest task of all, spreading the good news of the gospel. We are working to develop tools and resources that will help us, an Apostolic people, accomplish this task and impact our world on a massive scale like never before. This seems like an overwhelming and insurmountable mission, yet if we each do our part, together we can conquer the odds and the Lord will get the glory.

How do we start...together? The good news is...we already have. By becoming a member of Everyone's Apostolic you have taken the first step in our journey together. By networking with other Apostolics around the globe we are building a force for good. You may ask, how does networking with others affect our world? Simple, when thousands of Apostolics begin to fellowship, we begin to build a unified relationship that strengthens us on many levels. We are blessed by the ministry and are in a position to bless and encourage others.

We are working and have made progress in our efforts to network and partner with other Apostolic ministries to bring to you, the EA members, the best of the best.

What you can expect in the near future:
  • We are working with Apostolic School of Theology to bring the EA members an affordable, convenient, first class, education that can be done from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose for that matter... skiing anyone? It is important to note that we are endorsing Apostolic School of Theology as a option for higher education, but, to date, are not involved with the school beyond our endorsement.
  • Direct access on Everyone's Apostolic to Holy Ghost Radio. Tune in to hear twenty-four hour worship music and preaching from some of the most anointed ministers and artists of our time.
  • An ever growing product offering from various artists and authors in the Everyone's Apostolic Store.
  • A multiplicity of ministry opportunities that everyone can take part in are being developed. If you have an idea for ministry please let us know. We want to hear from you.
As you can see, we have a lot of exciting developments coming down the pipeline. If you have ideas, please contact us and give us your input. We want to hear from you.

May the Lord richly bless you, in Jesus Name.

John Howell
Everyone's Apostolic

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chat Room Coming

We are excited to announce that we will be integrating a new chat room into the site. We will be able to see who's online and even instant message others. We plan to roll this out in the next week or so. The chat room is in beta testing and we want to wait until most of the bugs are worked out before we launch.

Stay tuned for more upgrades that are in the pipeline.

Lord Bless,

John Howell
Everyone's Apostolic

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome To Everyone's Apostolic

Everyone's Apostolic, the social network for Apostolic Pentecostals, was created April 21st 2008. Since this time, Everyone's Apostolic has exploded with huge success. With over 20,000 members and growing, EA has shown that there can be success online without compromising.

There is much planned for the future and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store.

Best Regards,

John Howell
Everyone's Apostolic